Monday, April 25, 2011

Just the the FAQs, please.

Looks like for many of us that live in the heart of pulling country we still have some significant weather headed our way this week.  I for one am ready to be done with it! 

So, what about the FAQs?

There are a number of Frequently Asked Questions I get, I figured I would address them in this forum.

1) Whats the difference between the periodical rate mail and first class rate mail on the magazine?
Periodical rate mail is basically third class mailing, most magazines are sent out in this fashion.  The post office says they have 15 business days to deliver the magazine at that rate.  What I'm finding as a new publisher is this:  Most magazines get delivered in the first 10 days regardless of mail type, but indeed most if not all first class arrives in the first seven business days.  I got my personal copy in two business days after mailing; some get it as soon as the next day after mailing.
First class is kinda self explanatory then, it does speed your delivery up. 

2)  What are you going to do with the magazine?
I do get this question some, and from some folks who may be wary of change.  My focus, intent, purpose, mission-however you wish to describe it-is to keep antique and classic tractors at the heart of the magazine.  Anything that is not antique or classic is an ADDITION to the magazine, it will not take away from the heart and soul of the magazine.  There is a growing number of pullers in different segments of the sport, true.  We'll expand our coverage to include them.

3) Can I send in photos/results from my club and get it published?
YES!   In fact I would be proud to have any coverage I can get in, especially from those clubs and states that we have either not covered or havent covered in some time.  Send it by email or through the regular mail.  I'm just like everyone else, I like to see different and new tractors from different parts of the country!

4) Why cant I get it at TSC?
Quite frankly, until I get the magazine at a certain subscription level, getting in a TSC store is not a priority.  The magazine business, at least the third parties you must deal with to put the magazine on shelves, make it hard to break even, let alone be profitable.  I now know why some of the magazines at TSC and other stores run in the neighborhood of $8 an issue and higher! 

5) What is your favorite class?
This may seem to be a BS answer, but its the truth:  I like all of the tractor classes.  I see the enthusiasm for all of the classes, be it a farm stock, 1st gear only class or a full on Open Super Stocker.  They all have a beauty about them to me.  I do have an interest in some of the growing classes, seeing a class or division of tractors grow is intriguing to me.

6) How do I get on the cover of the magazine?
Honest to goodness, here's how I do it:  There is only one cover that is spoken for per year, the January/February issue with Tunica King of the Hill winners on that cover.  I pick the remainder based on some simple thoughts:  1) Has to be a good picture.  2) Rotate the brand featured on the cover in a fair and equitable manner...the only thing Im a socialist about...ONLY thing... 3) Feature a little different class on the cover from issue to issue 4) Cannot be a five engined mod...
Thats random as you can get.

There you have it.  I dont have much else to say other than Im starting to work on the next issue already.  The NATPA championships, The Crane Collier event, come local Relay for Life pulls, a tech article or two, are already at the front of my list.  The NATPA and Crane articles I wanted to give them room to breathe and grow for the next issue, because there's lots to be said.  Hope you all enjoy this current issue as it hits mailboxes, thanks for your support!

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