Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Better Late Than Never

In the time since I updated this blog there has been a flurry of activity with The HOOK.  July/August has been out for some time now, and September/October is now coming together.  While there is no shortage of material for this coming issue, I ask again:  PLEASE send in your results and photos, your stories.  Some have answered the call and I am glad for it.  I simply think there is so much pulling going on in the country that could be covered that this magazine could go monthly, I just need help in getting the info in here.  At a minimum I see the magazine becoming an 80 page magazine soon, making it the largest pulling magazine of any kind. This time last year I was asked to bring the magazine back to its roots, and I hope we've succeeded in that mission. Im still covering some local and regional hot equipment and that has been pretty warmly received as well.  I think that the understanding is now there that the magazine will always have antiques and classics at the heart and soul of its being, and anything else will not take away from antique coverage. 

As always thanks for the time and support you bring to your HOOK magazine.  Keep me updated and informed on your clubs goings-on, we're proud to feature them here.  Lets go pulling!

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