Thursday, October 13, 2011

That time again...

Tonight we finished the latest issue of The HOOK.  It is the largest edition we have printed yet at 76 pages.  We have had great opportunity to meet and work with some wonderful new people in the sport, and we want to continue to do that as much as possible. 

What I'm about to share partly comes from the latest editorial.  There's a sports talk show personality named Jim Rome whose main gig is spending three hours a day spouting of to millions of listeners--he is popular.  One of his bits or actually could be what he believes to be true.  His claim is that the show is much better when he is the only one talking, and not any of the many listeners who might call in.  "More of me, less of you" he says.

For The HOOK, the opposite is true. It is my intent to help you all, the readers and pullers, to become more involved in the content of the magazine.  I do not to plan to slow down the amount I travel to meet new pullers in new clubs, I simply cannot be everywhere at once.  More of YOU, Less of ME. 

If you have comments and ideas, shoot them my way. is the best way to reach me.

Although this blogging bit has been pretty sporadic, I have had ample windshield time to think through some ideas and hash them out to share in a manner everyone can understand...So expect more ramblings on...

For now, Let's go Pullin'

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